Friends to Foes

Friends that once were trusted,

Left my self beaten down and busted


When I looked to open my eyes,

I saw nothing but a pair of die


Die that I would use to bet my life,

On whether or not I would choose the knife


To continue on my battle today,

Or end it all with a simple cut away


With this die, I chose to stay,

stay on earth, and battle them away


Away those toxic beings I once called friends,

Friends who I thought would stay to the very end


Those fakes, liars and cheats,

Who all thought I was nothing but dead meat


Well here I am to tell you now,

I will no longer bow


Bow down to your feet and 

Praise you like gods


I pick my self back up off the ground,

For I am no longer ever bound


Today, I fight, I live

I no longer need to give,


I have found others who respect me, 

Raise me up, make me feel at home and at peace,


Their energy feeds me to look you in the eye, 

With no fear, with no need to try,


When you thought I was going to crumble and fall

I am perfectly happy, and that’s the best feeling of all,


Seeing your faces as I walk past,

With a burning smile that’s meant to last


These people make me laugh

Happy, joyful, and full of glee


In fact, there is no place I would rather be,


This battle has clearly been won by me,

And I hope you choose to see,

What you have caused to burn and boil inside of me


I didn’t look for revenge, but the sweet taste of victory,

that was meant to cause you to think 


I could’ve done much worse to you or my self,

But I have chosen otherwise because my parents 

Have told me to be kind,

Kind to those who have hurt me, kind to those who have not


But my choice still remains the same,

I have chosen to be happy, I’m done with this game


That knife I have chosen to battle with

Is nothing more than a figurative myth


I have no problem telling you so, you are no longer friends

You are now only foes


I sit back every single day thinking if I took that knife and

Cut away,


Instead I think of how happy I am,

And how I no longer need to scam


Scam on how I will win my fight,

Against the dying of my own light


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