Friends, something we all have

Everyone's "Best Friends" stabbing them in the back

Constantly cutting deeper and deeper until there is no more blood that could possibly come out

Constantly cutting deeper until you cant feel anymore

So why even have friends?

They leave, say sorry, you let them in then like a switch they're out faster than you could even turn on the light

You wish you could just have a normal friendship or even a friend for that matter

But then you're all broken into shards that the next one is trying to put back together, but they keep dropping the pieces breaking you to the point you're unfixable 

What do you do now?

Whats the point of friends when they keep cutting deeper and deeper and breaking you more and more

You meet someone, someone strong, strong enough to glue every single piece together again to only realize how weird the real you truly is

One day the glue starts to melt and you're broken even more

So why even have friends?

They get mad over stupid things

"Why cant you trust me? I'm always here. Come on just tell me, I wont tell anyone."

I tell them

I tell them everything 

What do you know, they stabbed even harder than anyone else before

But "hey" that's what friends are for right?

Being the one to walk in the grass instead of on the sidewalk, the outcast, the one who isn't in the "group chat"

But "hey" that's what friends are for right?




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