Like atoms in the air, they are always there.
They are the stars in my sky, shining bright.
They are my friends, there to cherish and mend.
All the cracks in my life, they dissolve all my strife, like tape they keep me in shape.
And so it goes, the friendship.
Sometimes I wonder, in blunder, would I fair well without my feathers?
Because I am a bird and they are my feathers.
They keep me warm throughout the storm.
They helped me float when life decided I looked better in a moat.
Oh, how I hope that they would never leave my side, my friends, my partners, my girls and my guys.
Maybe not of blood, but infinitely of love.
When problems arose, they fought and fought until their souls were wrought.
When I stood beside my friends, I stood beside an army of fierce warriors and coarse soldiers, thirsty for the blood of those who showed no love.
And we, we are one, shining bright like the sun.
In this world of superior beings, they give me meaning.
They give me life everlasting, in this mortal world of blasphemy.
Like atoms in the air, they are always there.


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