A Friend Like You

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 13:08 -- maebell


United States
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A friend is somebody

who knows you and likes you

exactly the way you are.


Someone who's special

and so close in thought,

that no distance ever seems too far.


A friend understands you without any words,

stands by you even when

nothing goes right.


willingly talks over all of your troubles

and in some way,

makes them all disappear.


A friend will give you hugs

whenever you need them.

They'll keep all of your secrets

locked safe in their heart.


They keep you strong in your faith.

And promise you,

they'll never leave.


Someone you share a certain love with.

A love that you know,

is nothing but true.


God knew I was going to need someone.

Somehow He just knew,

that I would need that kind of friend.


Somehow He just knew,

that I would need

A friend like you. 


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