A Friend Within


United States
30° 32' 1.2444" N, 92° 7' 31.386" W

The little girl you see over there,
Yes, the one with the vibrant, shiny, red hair.
She's not much different from you and I
Everyday she goes home and cry.
A year ago, just like this day,
It was around this time.. Yes, the middle of May.
Her parents kissed her on her rosy red cheeks
Unknowingly to her, that was the last time they and her would speak.
The car swerved into traffic... a blazing red fire,
A dark evening... sad and dire.
She's just like you and I inside..
She has feelings and pain she tries to hide.
Uplift her spirit, hold her hand
Don't judge her, this was all unplanned.
You, her, and I have the same skin..
All she needs is a friend within....

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