A Friend of Poems

The power of poetry is incredible.

To pick up a tool and paper and decide,

I will change something,

with words...

is extremely powerful.


Humans have the ability to communicate,

create revolutions,

and advocate.

The Press, Feminism, The Enlightment, Martin Luther King, world leaders, and more...

weaved their socities with pen and paper.

The history behind a poem is astonishing,

for every poem has a past to share...

A future to shape.


Through out history, poems reflect societies;

they are a reflection of what the authors aspire their world to be.

Their own utopia.

For The Constitution and the Federalist Papers shaped how we now live.


Let your minds shine bright,

everyone has might.

Do not be afraid, for society will not shake

into what you think is definitely right

right from your heart.


Do not stay mute, or your voice will not contribute.

For our society cannot decipher you







With a pen, I write,

I fight.

I gain insight.

I can communicate.

With words, I am taking part of my community.

Our community.

For writing is my friend.


Life is like a glob of clay...

Poems will be there to refine what you aspire your society to be.

You have the power to shape the world.

I have the power to mold our society

Don't let anyone take that away from you.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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