friend or foe

the feeling is dark

it's burning real slow

growing and festering

the origin unknown

one day I woke and suddenly so

engulfed by emotion

and left with a foe


instinct is real

intuition is true

but love is blinding

and friendship is too


an amity once before

but the ship has long sailed

her physique now irks me

down to the slightest detail

if girls had a code

she would not comply

she stole my beloved

just like a fox, sly


odium fueled by a rage so deep

ignited by thoughts

and dreams in my sleep

I saw her scream

I pictured her cries

his adulterated ways

her hedonistic lies


I polished the blades

sharpened the knives

conjured up a plan

that only the wicked could devise

some may question or be concerned

but she stabbed me

so I will stab her in return


the blood it oozed

from the depths within

her body laid still

as she was coated in sin

her eyes they blinked

one final time

and here I sit, typing this rhyme.

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