The summer before

I’m getting all these chores.

Only picking up after me? That’s no more.

Now it’s everyone's which bores.


I walk in and see people with car keys,

my peers fill out job applications,

they soon start paying all these fees,

and I start getting some hesitations.


Here I am driving around town,

job hopping to pay for my gas.

I start getting more payments and I drown.

On top of it I still have class.


All these standardized test taking over my life,

I can hardly breathe from my studies.

Some are starting to worry about becoming a wife,

but I’m just trying to get a diploma with my buddies.


Applying for college,

I’m getting the jitters.

I lack so much knowledge,

and I know this will be bitter.


But now it’s time

for me to be on my own.

This life was a climb,

I promise I won’t forget to use my phone.


I am all grown up now,

please don’t agonize.

All I can say is ciao,

and I will rise.


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