Freedom's Price

Cascading life.
Silence filled the heart of man as our Savior slowly died.
Though brittle life was broken,
Severed veins dripped clean,
Your final prayer to Heaven
Was accept my offering. 

From Your nail-pierced hands
To Your blood-stained pride.
From the passion in Your longing
To the power in Your cry.
We believe in freedom
But we don't know the price.
We didn't ask for Your mercy
But still You gave Your life.

Victory Arise.
No emotion could express what we felt as You ascended to the skies.
There is hope for a tomorrow,
A life beyond our own.
Though we'll suffer and die for your namesake,
We'll bow before Your throne.


You are the only one who can wipe my fears and dry my tears.
You are the only one whose love can conquer death.
You are the only one who can save me from my sinful self.
You are the only one. There could never be anyone else.


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