Freedom of Vibrations

Freedom of Vibrations 
Coming from a Hispanic family, music is all you hear. The stereotypical stereos that Hispanics had in their living rooms were booming 90's Salsa. 
Thump, thump, thump, to this rhythm 
Jump, jump, jump, to this bridge 
Shake, shake, sake, to this hook 
Sitting in silence was permitted from my body, as I needed music to release my dopamine. Music is dope, I mean it was my fix and sitting in silence was just kicking this Latin feel out of my system, but a system is what I needed. A system to let me hear what I wanted hear. 5th grade, I found the love of my life. The cello. I thought a speaker can make me move, but to each stroke I did, she would sing to me. She was built the right way 
Her curves were at the right width for when I grabbed her she was very comfortable to hold. Sitting in an empty room, I would pluck the G string all because that's where I had her vibrate more. One pluck can make her sing for as long as she fades. But as I move back and fourth on her neck with my fingers, she would make different pitches. All she wanted was to sing, with one stroke of the bow, she unleashes the adrenaline rush of going through the bridge into the sound posts making her body do the talking as it releases her vibrations entering the souls of hundreds of people in the Cabaret in Bridgeport, CT. 8 years I have been going to her with my problems, and she would sing to me to let me know that these vibrations are for the damned souls and to the broken. So let my vibrations enter your heart and shimmy the pieces back together as where they need to be.

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