Freedom Has A Muse

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When the world surrounds you to bind your evolution
Break free
Break free from the people who mock your ambitions and belittle your dreams
Don’t let them tell you that your not meant to be brilliant
Show them the blazing phoenix that you are and take flight
And break free
Words like love and passion, so delicate and vexing, grow within your bosom as easily as moonbeams dance upon dark water
You don’t need a bolt of lighting from the fingertips of gods to strike the earth
To leave your mark
You don’t need an army of Spartans to make a change
You are change
Not a dollar made crisp and new, but a penny, a waif to the world
And yet you will inherit the earth
So break free
Like stars that fall to the ground on the breath of a lover’s wish
Logic doesn’t hassle you, your fantasies are certainty, are truth
your aspirations fill your lungs
Don’t let the overbearing atmosphere quash your breath as it wraps you in its chains
Just break free
You are freedom
They cannot control you like their man- made light
You are radiant and uncontainable like the sun
Fierce, bigger then life, brighter then your enemies
Yet you embrace them in your warmth
When you break free
You were meant to break free, to be free
You are freedom
Now let condemnation fade into the rearview mirror of your existence
Make the guilty innocent and the innocent equals
We shall all break free
Because you are freedom
And freedom has a muse

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So inspirational! My favorite line is "Show them the blazing phoenix that you are and take flight." This is a great example of how multimedia can enhance a poem! Keep writing, and check out "Writing Tips" in the "Resources" section for inspiration for writing more poems about goals and accomplishments!

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