mental illlness comes in many forms 

depression is becoming societies norm 

like mowing the grass of a lawn

up writing froom dusk till dawn 

new spawn of the free sort 

freedom is needed within this walls 

in form out of force 

low on my luck feelings distort 

distorted records and reformed thoughts 

new poems with old influences 

thrown of the boat I've built

i'm overboard 

life raft thrown i hope it was caught

this is not star wars 

silver screen has too many flaws 

flawless like a glass sealing 

clining to my life with meaning 

thats why i may not make sense to you 

was bullied before i had a loose tooth 

now thoughts changing and you too

you too think differently of Zeus

no G but I've been through different sorts of abuse 

substance and magnificence 

science experiments an illicit alchemist 

mental breakdown but i'm dealing with it 

please stay yourselves if you're going through it 

speak to someone before your mind end it 

repentances and rememberance 

abundance in life is all i've wanted 

and i can acheive it if my mind is willing to give purpose 

to my life without being strifed 

i though of myself of a sacrifice but truly i'm light

i don't need conformations of likes 

love all those what ttook time to read this with a smile 

i love you and let that not be forgotten


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