Broken from it's fortitudial confinement
Freed from it's compacting cage
Raging from the dying Embers of what used to be us or this or something far away from me
drowning from the words unspoken
And built up like the aftermath of a Dam
Oh How less of you
Is still more than I can bare
how less of you
is still more
than we have ever shared
Oh how less of you
Is the only thing I pray for at night
How the emptiness of my bed
Feels as the kindness of blessings
The dinner set for one
Gleaming like a top tier trophy
How great it is
To be alone
I do not want shadows for friends
Bruises as company
Screams as my idle conversation
I'll be damned
So Ill bellow like the beast you made me
I will cast you out
For even my darkness
Is more worthy
than your dirt

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My community


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