Free but Unequal


United States
32° 49' 33.6684" N, 95° 26' 9.0708" W

Have we not progressed?
What kind of world are we living in?
Women getting smaller wages?
Men telling us to get back in the kitchen?

We are worth more than we get credit for
We have more to offer than to kitchen slave
To cook and clean for husbands
Giving birth to children to raise

The head of the house should be a partnership
Both the husband and the wife
Each should have a part
In making the decisions in life

Isn't equality for women
Something we worked on years ago?
But men still get higher wages than us
And that just goes to show

That men still think they are better
They think they rule this land
That women are just helpless
So they take the upper hand

But truth is we aren't helpless
And we deserve equal rights
In work, school, and home
And it has become a huge plight

We are moving forward
And while American may be "free"
This country cannot be deemed fair
Until everyone is given rights and equality


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