Free Palestine


United States
38° 25' 21.5328" N, 87° 48' 56.4192" W
United States
38° 25' 21.5328" N, 87° 48' 56.4192" W
United States
38° 25' 21.5328" N, 87° 48' 56.4192" W

Will it ever end,

Seeing the death of my Palestinian friends,

Will it ever end,

Seeing the terrorists bomb and kill with no repercussions,

No consequences, just governmental corruption,

Disdainfully targeting the weak with nothing but wrong intentions,


I pray for my Muslim brothers in the Middle East,

The true angels of Allah trying to seek peace,

With every given day I hear a new deceased,

Yet the Zionists here get to smile and feast,

All I ask is God hear me out at the very least,

The death of my Palestinian brothers on an increase,


It’s time to end this Israeli occupation,

We in a world crisis, where the hell the United Nations,

A so called peaceful international organization,

Is nowhere to be found during this damnation?

Yeah I said this damn nation,

Got me filled with much frustration,

Many only seek a resolution to this ongoing contention


But what’s the gain in seeing other’s pain,

Just more rain and bloodshed,

Enough is enough,

It’s time for the oppressed to be set free,

Haven’t most of their lives already been struck with misery?


Life is set to be rejoiceful,

Not to be taken whenever pleased,

Inna illahi wa inna illahi raji un

To allah we came from, and to him we will return,

To all this sinners here, I hope you go to hell and burn,


Killing the innocent youth and their mothers,

More orphans on the rise,

Faith in humanity hidden in disguise,

And who’s to answer for all these hateful crimes,

It’s just a matter of time,

Before the Palestinians rise once more and reach their prime.


Free, Free Palestine,

May Justice prevail as it always does,

May the injust be punished,

I praise Allah for being the overlooker of the world,

May He glorify the ridden souls and grant them jannatul firdaus,









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