Free to choose Red or Blue

Every year in July we sing

Of the land of the free and the home of the brave

We stand tall and proud because

It’s unity we crave

But this nation has never been so divided

We fight for our rights; we feel we’ve made progress

Then election season comes and we choose

A Republican President for a Republican congress

Not that there’s anything wrong with Republicans

But we are divided by a two party platform

We don’t care who’s best for the job

We just want to conform

Red for Red and Blue for Blue

A demise for seen and we were warned

By President George Washington

But his advice we scorned

Now we are no longer free

To pick who we choose

We must pick option red or blue

And we have everything to loose

 But we pretend we don’t know or don’t care

So don’t talk to me of the free and the brave

Because if we don’t change we are cowards

And if we don’t change there will be no one left to save

We need to stop thinking Red or Blue

We need to start thinking United States

We are all people, we all have rights

Once we realize this, we can unseal our fates

This poem is about: 
My country


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