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Freedom: The power or right to act, think or speak as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
Ask me am I free. It’s what our people fought so hard to be.
Raped by the master so now our children are born into slavery.
Only we weren't seen as children, not even human beings, instead like your house or this bilding, we were only seen as property.
Why do I continue to say we?
Because from the blood of our ancestors was born you and me.
Ridicule. Disrespect. Judgment. and Pain.
The list goes ob, but it all goes to say, our people fought hard to get us to this day.
So why do we continue to take it for granted.
We rose together as one, unity, but they continue to tear us apart individually.
Like what do you mean you cant read? Don’t you know they used to beat and kill us if we even tried, it was considered a Negro's dirty deed.
Now given an education you choose to deny.
You’re mothers grandmother, her fight for education could be the reason that she died.
Slavery isn't dead, it’s the white mans work in disguise. It’s the rules we follow and the laws we abide by.
Desegregation? Was a lie!
Look around you in your community look at the people you sit and live by.
Don’t you know we’re still under a contract?
Every 25 years if that paper isn't signed our so called freedom will bounce back.
So are you listening?
I wouldn't go as far as to say Rosa not giving up her bus seat wasn't ok.
And I wouldn't jump off the deep end and say Martin Luther King Jr's speech was weak and Harriet Tubman was insane leading the underground railroad and helping all those slave sunshine or rain!
No, because they all had purpose and deserve our respect, but did they die for nothing?
What did we expect, separate but equal?
I don’t think so. Equal opportunity for all, or at least that’s what they told us.
It worked long enough to see which race was Superior and which race would fall.
We stand and pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which if stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty? and justice? for all?
Tell that to the black man on death row confined to a dirty cell and four walls.
Children today know the national anthem by heart.
Ask them to sing ours, they wouldn't even know where to start.
So I ask are you free?
I put you on the spot.
We’re given a month to celebrate what our people dies to become…only we’re not.

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