Burning desires,

Bequeathed to the fires

Push the blade into my flesh

To live, is to die

As the blood runs down I feel like I can fly


The pain will heal, like a scar

I shall not fall into the tar

Of my past


I sit and wonder...

This world is asunder



Peaked and waiting my demon knocks at the door

I invite him in and we lay on the floor


Our bodies collide like a moth to flame

I am not ashamed

I have a need to be tamed

My bodies on fire

His eyes burn with disire


He ties me to the bed,

Glaring beautifully

Cutting me with shards of broken glass

My screams shutter to moans



I'm under glass

Pinned and struggling

I give in to the pain,

The pleasure


I feel alive


He pulls out a whip and tears into my flesh

I'm bruised

I'm chained

And yet...

 I am free...



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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