Freak, A Poem About Me


(poems go here)Freak they say

Freak they chant,

Well, I am that freak


I am the book worm in the corner

I am the quiet one in the class

I am the one who eats alone.


I like my books,

Because I had trouble learning.

I read because I am proud I can!


I am quiet because its hard to learn

I don't want to ask the teacher again

To reread the question and still not understand


I eat alone because no one wants to eat with me

Too many people all in the same place

I don't talk



If you think of it

THEY are the freaks


They are the ones that are too loud

They are the ones that pay no attention

They are the ones that will not read


They ask ME what the homework was

They copy each others work

They talk in the back


How could I not have thought of that?

Would you have ever thought of that?

But no one ever thinks like that...


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