Fragile Heart

I tried not to fall, but I fell so hard. 

I was weak and damaged, and you thought it would help.

And I guess you were right, at the time.

Every gasp you'd make, and every time you shake, sent shivers through my body,

god i felt so good.

Felt being the key word...

You and I are different, you do it for the high, I do it for the emotion,

just two kids riding the same rollar coaster for two different reasons.

The girl I fell in love with is gone... 

and yet somehow i'm still drawn to you.

For once in my life I thought someone had finally chose me,

but as it turns out i was just another fix.

And you interduced me to this deadly drug, this false promise of true love,

and then scoff at me when I need more.

I crave you, I need you, you are my final dream and my waking thought.

But to you im just the last guy you got a thrill from.

Definitey not the best, definitely not the last, and that kills me.

Where you don't feel, I feel too much...

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