Four Simple Letters Can Change Your Life Forever

you learn about it

hear about it

have sympathy for those whom have come across it

but never do you consider it

these fouR letters


they never have had meaning to you

never are they in your thoughts until




those four letters

tresspass thorugh your entire being, stealing your soul, demolishing your heart, terrorizing your thoughts, changing your entire life


unconsciously. . . 

your wrongs become rights

rights become lefts

paths intertwine

your whole self is em[       ]pty 

the steady beat of your drum becomes fAint

there is nothing left except those four letters burning their marks underneath your skin


those letters become your life

they begin to take over, 

your mind, body, spirit, your emotions

no longer do you feel the ability to love

so you hop from one to another until you find the man who will fill you with the ability to overthrow your current ruler

you "love" until there is no one left to love


you laugh to smile and find the Perfoct one who will never allow these letters to effect your happiness

what you fail to realize is when those letters moved in,

your ability to be genuinely happy was destroyed


you live a life of hell inside

slowly being forced to peirce ones own heart with the dagger of life,

not knowing how to remove it....


you build up the strength to survive

until you rEalize your already dead inside 

and the only things that remain are those four letters 

Guide that inspired this poem: 



I Love this! Thank you so much for writeing this piece! It means a lot to me.


It hits home for me too. I am glad I was able to really reach into someone's feelings with this peice. Thank you for reading it.

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