The Four Letter Word

It is our greatest weakness, but yet such a microscopic word 

It is the murderer of our capability and the voices that are left unheard

Why do we let the letter F control the face we put on each day we wake

Why do we let the letter E enclose us from the opporutunities we wish to take 

Why do let the letter A ask us "do you really think you'll make it some day?" 

Why do we let the letter R put us in a reverse state 

This four letter word has us in shackles of breaking glass celiengs 

Its so cruel that it has defined us for who are and leaves us feeling 

Average, that we are simply an atom in an ocean 

A molecular force in a motion 

But what if we held our fear hostage? 

What would happen if we tore the word letter by letter  

And replaced this word with our strength and knowlege 

when we starve our fear and feed our ambition there is no end to our limits

Only a voice in which we must listen.



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Our world
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