The Foundation of Belief.

It is words, more like a revelation from a form of inspiration. A foundation of belief and guidance.

A means for fate sealing and repentance. A platform of truth and intellect. A teacher of manners and respect.

It is relief. A holder of belief. 

It was a way of life. Where you don't calculate time. Rather you live in the present. A teacher who says do not resent. A source of confirmation.

A path of  motivation. You die the way you live. and you'll live the way you die.

But why do we still deny? With all the signs we still chose not to comply.

Stuck in a word of anxiety, worry, and fear. Where do we go from here. I mean we go on feeling like we're gonna be here forever. Don't we know that there are better happily evers.
It is Islam
The encourager of the Noble Qur'an.
It was a sense of life being a gift from Allah(God).
A ticket to Jannah(Heaven).
A despiser of violence and intolerance. A wise scholar of economics and manners. 
A strong believer against descrimination.
An opposer of racisms and crime.
An out-liver of time.
An inviter of truth seeking and religion preaching.
A teacher of simplicity and charity. A friend in spirit and heart. 
A mercy in life and button of restart. 
A leader of humbleness and nobility.
A teacher of etiqutte. And prosperity. It teaches you to make money. But be sure to give some away too. It tells you to be careful of all that you do. To be pure and modest. To love and be pious. To put God before anyone else, because he is most highest.
But why do we still deny? How is it that we still chose not to comply?
Don't we know. It is a foundation of belief. A safe haven of relief.
 An Ideal System of Living for All of Mankind.
It is Islam.
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