Found the Me

For so longed I've searched

Yet, I could not find

The one in whom I first discovered truth

The one that showed my purest beauty


Though it seemed the search was vain

I needed to find this person

For my survival rested within their hands

Death woud overtake me if I failed


Seeking wthin others was futile

Few had the answers I sought

Nevertheles, despair clouded my eyes

For my hope was not,yet, fulfilled


My heart cried out of the void within

Until a light of wisdom filled my thoughts

And I began to strip the mask of hypocrisy away

Pain, rejections, and disappointments


I stripped it all away

To the point of nakedness

And it was then that joy filled my spirit

To know that what I sought for was here within


Waiting to be discovered by me

Waiting for my acceptance

This person, whom my journey was for

I found them, I found the me.

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