The (Forgotten) Little Things

The quiet that whispers as the sun peeks good morning

One sweet stretch and a soft breath to reset

The smile of stranger, perhaps a friend I haven’t met

That handwritten note – the warmth of words soothes from the page

Human connection that surpasses gender, race, or age

That warm cup of tea in my favorite princess mug

Bearing beloved memories that feel just like a hug

I love the light rain as the many puddles scatter

When I run from my woes on to things that really matter

Laughing so hard, my breath slips away

Surrounded by ones, who’s love could never fray

Dancing, my body relaxed and free

A promise I made for serendipity

To reach for the sky like the sunflowers do

When I get there, I’ll say wow what a view

Sorry for peace and tranquility

Forgiveness to put my resentment to sleep

The worn -in book that many eyes have glanced

Heroes and heroines that insist we take a chance

Life’s short but blessings exist when we look

Often the little things we accidently mistook


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