Forgotten Forest


United States
33° 18' 34.4124" N, 111° 43' 53.9616" W

With the moon hung high,
And the droplets fall from the sky,
And floating around was a lonely soul,
Who woke from a muddy hole,
With a thought, "Where am I?"
In the Forgotten Forest

The forest is a maze
When the fog shifted to a haze
The deep, dark, deadly forest,
With lakes of unknown fish and tortoises,
And I started to began my way,
In the Forgotten Forest

With trees as tall as towers,
Drop drop! The rain was a shower,
And I spotted a lonely golden fruit,
That hung on a root,
Of a magic glowing flower,
In the Forgotten Forest

And wish I wished out loud,
"Take me back to a place to be found,
My clothes have a tear,
And the wind blows my hair!
Just take me back to my crowd!"
The flower began to glow
As I kneel down low.
The tears took awhile,
Then I began to smile
As I knew I was going back home.
No more Forgotten Forest


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