Forgotten child

I am, currently a forgotten child

I'm someone who's brutally honest, and is from a generation who doesn't know how to stand.
Judged because I believe is the earths energy rather than a God who I can't even feel.
I am 17, still a teen and trying to grow.
My path to college feels so compacted to on that's what's "right" for my future.
Yet, becoming a veterinarian is where I stand for those who can not speak.
Who I am, is someone who won't let anyone tear me down, I built myself up in a way that no one can understand the power I uphold for myself.
I'v been through being alone, poor, and emotionally unstable.
I don't see the pain that's possible to linger for such a long time as for my soul is pure to others.
Kind and always honest, strong and independent.
I was raised by a father that looked away from me instead upon me.
Who I will be greater and nonetheless thrown to oblivion.
I am, a forgotten child, striving to be remembered for peace rather than destruction. 
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