3 years of constant heartbeats
With your name written all over my body
Red is glowing between you and me
Everytime we meet

You were my elude,
The evasion to all of my problems
You were my rhythm,
The beat that keeps me going

I was your diamond,
I was your most treasured thing
I was your other half
I was your everything

Yet all those pictures
You threw away,
Made me slip in your hands
And didn't look back again

You left me when I was too broken
Body and soul in pieces
And you shattered me more
When you turned your back on me

It was a dark year
But I never thought it would be darker
When you finally realized
That I am not the missing piece in your puzzle

And now, joy is visible in you
With her at your side
While I was still here
Picking up the fragments you once left behind

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