The Forgotten


Some have been lost,

Others have fallen,

But each has been remembered.


Yet you turn around,

So happy and joyful,

To lay eyes on a nobody.


You mock them and spit at them,

Ravaging their lives with your cruelty,

Leaving them to fade away.


We expect them to act as we do,

To blend in and be the good children,

But you never stop to think of the holes in their hearts.


It is one thing to hurt.

It is only a task to be pushed down.

But to be forgotten is the untold pain,

Because nobody wants to think of the mistakes they made

And the life they took.


Can you look them in the eye?

Believe that you ignored their cries,

Abandoned them in times of pain,

And shamed them to no end?


No, you, like so many others,

Will look away and say it is not of your own fault,

Pass the blame to another.


And so the game will be played,

The circle of hate overbearing decent thought,

But you will find out one day, oh yes.

You will be the forgotten too.


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