Forgiveness ( Answer)

I'm not afraid to admit
I know nothing at all
Even though these memories
Just left broken scars
I gave you a second chance
And you just through it away
I gave you everything you wanted
And the pain is what I gained
I don't know if it's a test
Our a lesson I must learn
I'm trting to understand
But it's impossible to learn
What my emotions are saying
One wants to stay
While the other wants to leave
The only option I'm left with
Is to as God to help me please
Should I keep going?
Or should I leave?
Is it what you want, or is it just me?
If you can open my heart,and heal the pain it seemed
To openmy eyes to the truth in front of me
Can you give me the answer, for the thing that I need
Should I stay and work it out?
Or should I get up and leave?


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