Forever Me

Contacts no glasses.

Straight hair not curly.

Baggy or skintight clothes?

What’s wrong with flats instead of  heels?

There’s such thing as an "after 5" purse?

Doesn't everyone wear white after labor day?

What’s the big deal?

There isnt one.

My hair is curly, straight, short, long, why do you care?

It could be black, red, purple, or blue.

What’s it to you?

Glasses make me look like a nerd?

Well then, allow me to nerd out about my book obsession, if you have a few hours.

I could go longer, but I’m just being considerate.

I wear baggy clothes with an afro on occasion; doesn't make me a hipster chick.

I don't like clothing rules, who made them anyway?

Why should I have to be what someone else says I should be?

Easy, I shouldn’t.

“This is a man’s World.”

It’s pretty true, no lie.

But there are parts that women define.

“It wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl.”

I am who I am and I wouldn't change a thing.

If I’m a nerd for my glasses, I’ll wear them with pride.

I’ll rock my hair with colors like the fireworks on the fourth of July.

I’ll wear what I want because I can, I'll make my own rules because that’s who I am.

You say I’m fat, I call it curvy.

“I don’t have a weight problem, you have a problem with my weight.”

I'm comfortable with me, because I will be me forever and that’s what I love.

You can't take away what makes me who I am.

I am flawless because I will forever be me and that’s just the way it should be.



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