Forever a Child

I miss the swings in the playground.

Watching all my friends running around.   

Pretending to be who we wanted to be.

Actually feeling alive and free.

But what I missed for a while.  That is to be forever a child

What happen to my freedom?

I remember controlling my own kingdom.

I used to have a tea party, 

With my guests who were always there for me.

The food always tasted mild.  Man, I wish to be forever a child.

Time went by so fast.  Even while it last. 

All the time that was worth.  I don’t feel like growing up and work.

I just want take every second of my life.

I don’t have time to be someone’s little wife.

Feeling solo is the goal I want to do.

What the hell does “Y.O.L.O” mean to you?

I just want to be wild. And being wild means forever a child.

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