Forever Chained

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 03:08 -- RadienX


I dream of many things, some more favorable than others.

Sometimes I dream of things that make no sense at all, sometimes I dream of things that terrify me.

But there is one dream that will mock and haunt me to my dying breath.

It is of a better life. One that I would be happy in. One that is better, and not just because it is unending.

Better, because I am free.

Free from the endless obligations that this life binds me to.

Free from the lies and deceit of those that share their existence with me.

Free from the segregation into the microcatagories that I am deemed to "belong to."

A life that I could dare to love leading.

A life that is so painfully far from my grasp, a life that I would lead forever, a life that quintessentially sticks its tongue at me and says "you will never reach me."

A life... That I could share with the one I care about forever. A life where I am with the one I always wanted to stand beside and call my friend. A life with the one whose back I will have, because I know they would do the same.

Not trust them to do the same, but know, so I don't have to rely on mere trust.

But... It's so far away. If I began sprinting towards it from birth to death nonstop, I would still be so far from seeing it real.

Everything in my power wouldn't be close to scratching the surface, most likely not even seeing the elusive surface.

Wishes won't save me. Praying won't get me farther. Hoping is pointless. Waiting will go nowhere faster than light. Sending signals into space, even in the right direction, won't result in progress.

Bound by the chains of Earth and its intolerable "dominant species", I can only trudge along as this life I want teases and haunts me for as long as I'm stuck here.

What did I do to deserve such a terrible fate?

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