forever .. and ever.



Nice guys are no fun.


Maybe for women

sick of games.


But why move so fast?

I'm still too young. 


What's the point of being serious?

We all just die, anyway.


Sorry to be cynical.

But what's the point in being conventional.


I'm still just a girl.

I don't want to fall victim to the

standards of the world.


I don't dream of building empires,

while gazing at far off views.


I'm in class.

Trying to understand how

4x+3y cubed equals .. 2.


And I don't even know if that's true. 


Some girls are 15 building nurseries.

While I'm still waiting for mom to say yes

to this nose ring.


Have I fallen behind?


I mean, how do they know they want a family

And all I know is

Family Guy is on from 10 to 11

And then American Dad from 11 to 12...


From then on it's lights out

because of school in the morning.


And that's boring.


It's just that

I believe I have time.


I don't have to fall in love.

No two hearts must intertwine.


I don't know what's next.

I'm just searching for the signs.


And if things don't work out,

I won't be leaving much behind.


Some drug store makeup and a flat iron,

blow dryer,

a mirror...


But those should be fine.

And does this have to rhyme?


I just don't want to be the last 

of a dying youth. 


Fading away into graduation

full proofs.


Let's reminisce on our not-so-distant

past together.


Like tying jackets around our wastes

and splashing in the wet weather.


We were 




and our every act was



But the world enforced it's misery.

Innocence was wiped from the scenery.

Take a look at the "Place to Be!"

Family time is watching other people's lives on tv.




My inner magic remains unsevered.

I've resolved to stay 17 forever.


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