Forced to Call Home

Forced to call home

A room without comfort

Sitting in a chair all day becomes less and less comfortable

Do they ever move or talk or laugh?


I walk into a room filled with dead expressions


Blank stares into space

What else is there to do?


Their brains and bodies no longer connect

You speak praying to hear a response

The look returned is utter confusion

Do they even know who you are?


One day is hard enough

I cannot imagine the pain of my nana

She returns each day

With my papa she'll always stay





I liked writing about something I feel strongly about. It is always hard for me to go to the Alzeimer's unit in my grandpa's nursing home to visit him. I rarely do, but I know my grandma goes everyday and I can't imagine how hard that must be for her. I think the patients benefit negatively from being in the same place for that long.

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