Forbidden phrases


These are the words that i always seem to think, that my consious seem to yell, but my lips refuse to speak.

 My thoughts saying "i wish he would shut up, MAN I CANT THINK!!! ITS WORSE THAN A SUB ALL YEAR LONG...CUZ NO ONE SEEMS TO TEACH

 My consious yelling "I CANT BELIEVE THE IGNORANCE THAT CAN BE POSESSED BY ONE PERSON!!!" but most cant fathem the concept of a school full of teachers, a classroom full of students, and nobody seems to get anything done because of this person

....BUT one other person doesn't have to be big, tall nor small.... because this one persons vioce can be more powerfull than them all.

...This persons voice can be heard, understood and felt... something like when grandma says " its either a switch...or the belt"

See there is just one person needed to stand up to say "can you hush, please be quiet, im trying to learn today"..... BUt will you be that one or will you just take a seat and refuse to say......fobidden phrases


We just talked about school, now lets move on to the STREETS!!!!! see..... this is what I call "my hood" and this is where i stomp my feet.

It's hard to hoop at the park because the thugs hold the court....and I tried playing for the school, but they said im too short.

He says "WATCH THIS BRO!!! HE DONT WANT NONE OF THIS!!!!" but a foul in the streets, is more than a slap on the rist...

You see a.... foul is disrespect, and that wont be tollerated.... nd now he has to put my mans in check.. simply because ...he's obligated.

Well most would say "thats my Q to get up and leave" ....because everybody is mad, loud, and roudy, and nobody is talking peace.

Nobody steps in and says "AYE BRO CHILL!!! because every body came with jordans, but one should have brought his last will.

This boy died because he fouled too hard... or because he scuffed up your new shoes...but...I stiiiill dont get why.... I have to see his have face...... on the six oclock news.

This isn't a new story.... in fact its shared by many..... because we....... as black men dispose of eachother as if we arent even worth a penny.

Im telling you all this so you can see through my lense, we gotta do better... and we gotta stop the violence....forbidden phrases



I am 5 now and my family is all i reall know,...well i have my siblings, my parents, and superman...its my favorite show.

I see things but i dont understand all of it, while mom is working, dad is gone, but there is still a house full of kids.

My sister feedes me, she cleans me, and she even puts puts me in the bed...she forced to be an adult with a child, aside of being thirteen instead.

Dad went and found a new wife and wants me to call her mom, but i barely even know her, ....and in fact, i dont like her at all.

Mom has a new "guy friend" but i dont like him either, because he makes her eyes black and her nose bleed... yea he beats her

She says "it will all be over, close your eyes, im fine" but this isnt just poetry, even if it does rhym.

Yes im 5 and you have no idea what ive been through, but i cant figuer out how to put together the simple sentence of...."dad...I need you"........forbidden phrases

You see this is my life, this is what i see, guys with drugs, parents in terrible relationships nd last but not least...teen pregnancy

So im giving my list to you, or some would say to list of forbidden pharses that all starts with you... but will end with me

I need help, forbidden phrases

Can i see you after class, forbidden phrases

No, i dont smoke, forbidden phrases

Ill just stay in tonight, forbidden phrases

You are a waste of my friendship and my time, forbidden phrases

I have a wife and kids that love me at home, forbidden phrases

I wont accept defeat, forbidden phrases

To get back up again isn't enough, I will concor my problems, forbidden phrases

Everything that I will ever need, is already inside me, forbidden phrases

I am born to be great!!!!!!.......... forbidden phrases

And now that i've given you my list of forbidden phrases.... I dare you to say them .........Thank you

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