Forbidden Love

I look in the mirror. Apply pink lipstick. 

All I hear nowadays is how to get with "him".

Straight. Normal. Words used to describe

people that aren't contradictive inside

I slip on my lavender dress. Curl my hair.

You confused yet? Suprised that a woman could wear

clothing that labels her as desirable

but a man would soon realize she isn't viable

to him. Why? Because here is the facts.

Another woman is what she wants to attract.

Oops. Sorry? Did that kill your vibe?

Too bad it's a decision you'll have to imbibe.

We're sick of being cat called and hollered at daily

Women have feelings too, just not for you, Namely

other woman that make them feel loved

as if God himself chose them from above

So next time I put my pink lipstick on

Remember: A man to me is always a con


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