A Fool's World

If I could, I'd be a clown

And laugh at people all day.

No matter how bad, never to frown,

To get up and go my own way.


Those other souls,

Whose lives have been all pain,

Laughter follows them to their holes;

Drives them all insane.


I should play the happy fool

Becoming whatever I like.

The real idiots sit on their stools

And revel in other's strife.


Sure, I could play the lady,

Or the knight in shining arms

And mighty dragon slay,

Or be a witch with charms. 


But in true scoundrel's fashion

I shall out live them all!

They with their fiery passion

Can do nothing save fall!


Jokers should know more than anyone

Simply by listening through the years.

The royal band have no reason to gaurd tongues

For none care, or know, what a jester hears. 


Let me be a clown

And laugh at people all day.

I'll always be up, not down.

For I go my own way.

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