Fool's Fantasy


Please, let me live in a fool's fantasy,

don't come crashing down on me with reality.

Let me swim in a sea of innocence,

and not drown with life's harsh burdens.

Allow me to soar the skies with my dreams,

please, don't take away my wings.

Let my sun shine down purity,

not rainclouds conceived of the unforgiving.

Allow my face to wear an honest smile,

and not let it be to cover something cruel and vile.

Let me pretend to be a free spirit,

don't remind me I'm something cold and demented.

Allow my mind to be free of thoughts,

not filled with the ravenous battles I've fought.

Let me laugh because I want to,

please, don't mute me with the horrid truth.

Allow me to be loved by a good family,

and not one that's distant and doubting.

Let me see blind and carelessly,

please, let me live in a fool's fantasy.

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