Foggy Mirror


Why is it I cannot see myself as clear as thee?

I look in the mirror and it is not clear what I am going to be.

How do others know me when I do not believe

the aspirations and destination that is meant for me?


As I look before me I can't tell the story of what is going to be.

What is my fate?

Shall I be great as all others see in me?


People are remembered for sports and music,

art and tyranny,

but is that what I want?

Or should I be blunt and say I cannot be?


Perhaps being forgotten is the fate that God has given me.

As many others blur away for no more eyes to see.


But I shall not worry

for there is no hurry

to discover what shall be.

I'll just keep walkin'

and they'll keep talkin'

of what will become of me.


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