Fogged vision

Listlessly running. My heart screams and rattles my eardrums.

My destination was once approaching me steadily as I ran across shards of glass.

I tread on flowers as rain lightly caresses my face, but inside there is a

tumultuous war.

The mist clouds my vision, and my eyes see abstract forms.

Where is the answer? Where do I run?

Beautiful but unexpected happenings ruin my sure sight. I embrace them as strings

tug on my mind. I tremble as the past fuses with the present and watch with wide eyes at the

blurring lines.

Life speeds me along... but why am I running? What for? For him? For success? For me? For them?

Anxiety leaps as my purpose morphs.

Time bolts by as I run in place, contemplating my destination.

There is an earthquake in my brain.

My plans and beliefs are ripped out of their usual stable compartments.

They were wrong, but were certain and had a home.


Contradictions are at war.

I wish they would become paradoxes that have an answer based on your perception.

I want to drink in the love and beautiful happenings, but its hard to

dive in while your mind is



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