Fly High Angel

Tue, 02/06/2018 - 16:05 -- R1vkah


It wells up and chokes you,

And you can’t breathe.

When your heart tightens,

And it might burst.

When you lie awake,

And you can’t stop thinking.

When you’re wracked with sobs,

And you can’t believe she’s gone.

When you’re questioning why,


But your voice is lost.

And you’re experiencing pain.

The pain overtakes you,

Robs you

Nearly breaks you,

Floods your heart body soul and mind,

Washes you out

Leaving a shell.

And then you wander,





But you’re stronger then that,

And you pull through


You know its what she would have wanted.

You pick up your pieces,

And you channel your pain.

You sing with your entire being,

And dance for her in the rain.

And you carry on

Even though

Our angel flew away with part of our hearts.

But we never forget,

Months later

And there’s still an empty desk

And her vacant chair.

Your heart aches

The pain is still fresh.

You look up

And wonder if she’s okay.

And as you look up, she looks down.

And as your tears fall

She catches them.


Our angel never left.

Fly high Tsofia Camille Mesica

We love you.  


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