Fly high

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 02:32 -- tyannaj

Last night it rained, and as I was looking outside my window I could see the clouds open up wide and a beam of light came shining down and I swear I heard harps so loud, you would have thought we were in an orchestra, then I saw you slowly rise up into the sky, and you kneeled down before God and I watched as he placed those white wings on your back and the other angels kneeled down before you as if you were a queen, and the golden gates of heaven opened up, and just as you were about to walk in you took a glimpse back down, and smiled, you told me everything would be alright and you told me not to cry, and to hold on tight, you said keep your head up babygirl, and if it's in his will, we'll meet again but I just wanna hold you now and tell you how much I need you, you were my queen, and I know I was young but I still remember everything about you from your long golden curly hair to the different colored finger nails to that sweet voice I heard before I went to bed, your the reason I believe in myself and I wish you were here to guide me through this rollercoaster called life but I guess it true when they say the good die young, and it's definitely the truth cause your floating up in heaven now and that's the proof, and I was the only kid not crying at your funeral because you told me not too but I love you and rest in peace, and maybe we'll fly together someday just you and I...So fly high


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