Wed, 07/10/2013 - 20:10 -- j2theng


I laid on the night's earth
Listening through the past's melodies
I felt the wind sweep me through time
I looked through a telescope and saw the faded stars
A hundred and ten keys piled under the moonlight
I threw away my eleventh one

Into the sunrise only dreams remain
Oh the autumn colors caught me off guard
I photographed the pieces and set them free
Too many questions, I looked through a red tunnel
One found to be set free
Static and thunder found simplicity
The rain was set free
The neon lights posed in new ways
The shadow was set free
The piano notes finally softened
The pages were set free
Time shattered, lost, waited,
And found itself once again
The sunset changed direction,
illuminating the world from miles away
My heart was set free


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