Flu-id; (of substance) able to flow easily

Mon, 10/21/2019 - 22:27 -- K4Z

You know, its funny how much it bothers people to say "They"

Thats okay. I understand that they could never understand.

But you know what I don't understand.


How a human being, living, breathing, with what I assume is a fully functioning concience,

has the audacity to bash another with such ill intent, because they are "different"

How you weren't instilled with enough common sense not to be so short sighted. So assuming,

in the name your so called "Morals"


Well fuck your morals.


I'm not sorry for a second. I'm not sorry your "scared of what you don't understand"

I mean, there is no way in hell you understand your God, and you worship that.

The God you so boldly curse me in the name of.

I hope I go to Hell, I happen to be pretty good at Poker anyways. 

Besides, maybe Satan won't be so short sighted. I mean, if I'm the spawn of him, right?


Its funny how much it bothers people to say "they"

but you know what's really funny?


I care enough to get angry. 


I care enough to let it bother me, to the point where I think about it for the nect few days.


I care enough to sit down and write a rant.


So why arent I laughing?

Maybe because its not funny.


If you can't formulate the concept of using your God Damn mouth to say the word "they"

when you speak to me, then fuck you. 


You probably wouldve had your thumb too far up your ass to shake my hand anyways.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world




Snow in Autumn

This poem is absolutely amazing. I'm a trans male so I get how hard it is when people straight up refuse to use your correct pronouns. If you ever want to share your poems with like minded people and find some support, feel free to check out the group "Sonder Poetry". I hope you have a wonderful day and can find somewhere that doesn't have people who are that closed minded and selfish. The best of luck for future poems as well <3

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