Flowers and Flames

Flowers and flames

You are the center of my frame

Came to me you have with a dance to my rhythm and I a rhythm to your melody

A passionate correlation to a warm midnight rhapsody

Free to twist and bend to the wind to every unknown hour

For I am the flames and you are a flower

Higher this air expands me, wider your shadow, grander your dance that you impale

My blaze and the more you waver the more feeling you entail

Frail you are, as your leaves scatter in my inferno without warning or care

But your beautiful petals and stem dancing before my eyes that you planned to ensnare

Share with me your melody, don’t leave my sight

For if you do I shall burn this very stage you dance upon in this single night

Fright will be what drives us both if love were to disappear

For what good is it to follow a fleeting crowd when I am right here?

Near you, beside you, for you

Do you see how beautiful we are together, just a perfected mix of tradition and new

To cast a dancer’s shadow, to heighten visually something so small

None the slightest have I known to corner you against the wall

All I wanted was to be that light for you as your roots were igniting my core

However you stray too far from me and my light can’t reach you anymore

You’re knocking on my heart’s door begging me to welcome you back in

As if you were on an errand’s run expecting to return to our last end

And you plead that these words to my wounded heart would soothe

Your words have touched me, but never again will they move

You’ve no longer the right to say love’s name

Shame to see your petals charring in my flame

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I absolutely love this.


Thank-you so much


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