Flooding thoughts

You asked me if I remembered 

the kid you once were. 

Instantly my mind flooded with memories.

I could tell you stories on how you would

try to run to the moon and back for me.

I remember your understanding voice and kind reason. 

I remember you as a cliché hopeless romantic 

that swore we were in a fairytale.

I remember your gentle laugh and 

the sentimental gifts you would give me

you then asked if I missed him and it

snapped me back into reality: 

and I saw your hardened jaw, 

the tension in your shoulders, 

your "care free" outlook that could have been

believable if your physical stance hadn't screamed

you seemed to care a bit too much. 

I quietly said yes and looked away 

because I know you wouldn't want anyone to 

witness the crumbling of your hard exterior 

when I mentioned all that we'd been through. 

I changed the subject because I know you 

worked so hard to build your walls high 

because that kid got hurt over and over again 

I made you laugh because I didn't want you to go 

back inside yourself and shut me out like you do 

when you remember who you used to be. 

Who we used to be. 

You are always the one to remind me to never look back 

that the past is in the past and 

dwelling is unhealthy and it's just a waste of the now 

But I think one of the reasons of why we love each other 

is because we make each other feel beautiful and 

new, like we'd never been hurt before 

One of the reasons you love me is because 

I am probably the only person that can still see and bring out

your kind soul that was oppressed on the inside. 

This poem is about: 
My community


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