Flight of the Monarch

Tue, 05/14/2013 - 23:46 -- Bmuya12


United States
47° 38' 7.9656" N, 122° 38' 41.2152" W

Wings churching, brilliant orange light,
the unsettled monarch now leaps into flight.
first one beat then two beats, then three and then four,
as the king of the butterflies sets out to explore.

Envy of ladies as it kisses the skies,
in bright colored fashion, dressed to surprise.
its once chubby green form once unable to fly,
transformed into creature, now prince of the sky.

Casting shadow dark black, on the beings bellow,
be they children, or caterpillars still needing to grow.
majestically weaving, born to venture and soar
does the king dream of a life containing more

Into the sunrise his majesty must go,
to join his fellow messengers where the cold wind doesn’t blow.
for we all must venture into the unknown,
to discover our potential, and observe how we've grown.


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