Fleeting Imagination

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 22:01 -- tiraluv

We go from he stole my crayons to she slept with my boyfriend. Then we finally fall to they all got promotions but me.

As we grow, we can't lose out imagination.

Running through Walmart like carts are our skateboards.

That's why I write; to keep my rainbow river flowing.

Take those saggy old ladies multiplied by those grumpy old men are the product of a lost imagination divided by adulthood.

Let your mind wander like a lost puppy. Not so dull and stuffy. Maybe a little puffy.

Like those clouds that hover above us and you make shapes of.

Cause all we see are strange clouds.

Don't let the only reason you look to the sky to be to look for Superman or Batman's symbol.

Live your fantasy even if it's been copyrighted by Disney. That guy's dead anyway.

Go ride a go cart like a vroom vroom race car driver.

Run this race day to day but don't drive too fast through this life.

You only get one to live to the fullest so make it count live it right.

Some chicks pretend to be Speed racer so they can catch up to Mr. Speedy Gonzales.

But I say, let's go the speed limit.


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