Paul J. Pinkett



Looking at the pace of the human race asking what their chase is?

People looking at foreign places and other persons’ faces to find elation in empty relationships.

Moving with the system not knowing it’s a cistern to fluidity in identity.

“We are all in unison, clueless sons and daughters in a world where cops and pigs offer slaughter to the culture just to bring home the bacon.

No room for beacons of light, legitimate legacy is not our war to fight though we know that we have the might.

The mind is weapon for defense or for destruction, but we mustn’t preach a gospel so our prophets must say nothing.”




I exist to relinquish astigmatism in my people’s vision. As an anomaly, quite honestly, my autonomy’s gotta be derived by my drive to find what we need to succeed with precision.

Working, searching for the truth in my youth proving Confucius’ confession to be a valuable lesson.

We are “to be regarded with respect” he suggested but we forget to live for the future, staying in regret. Stagnant

Stuck in the line betwixt both sides unable to decide why and where to go. Who knows what Fate’s hands hold, but let’s not make it cold.

Vivacious vibrations of waves sounding profound greatness must be the moke of our hope.

Poking the pique peak need of niches in leaders so we won't worry for working on a world of greed for green.

Requesting a requisite of revolution, regretting forgetting it for evolution & resting on execution.

Truly confusing how using truth must lie in subconscious brain causing pain while lames maintain nova cane in the open vain.

Walking in the valley of the shadow of death & falling flat on their faces, facing shame like it’s cellophane.

The profane phenom defeating feats we feast on is a parasite to light of a lie. How enlightening.

Striking like lightning is the irony in that.

Spitefully spineless is the fact that the attacks on the blacks with backs turned is happening less sporadically than what the masses believe.

Conceiving genius is contagious but treated like a disease to be deceased from thee who seek to cleave the reason to be it.

Wanting to hunt the concieded but tell the humble to rumble, making their grounds tod & teeder so they all fall & tumble. Fumbled.

Flabbergasted am I at our counteraction, leaning back and having catastrophes continue to happen.

We have to pick up where we left off, make sure we have some traction, grab what we had & dash faster than athletes for the Mavericks.

Manipulate marvelous maneuvers, foreseeing our futures, forsaking the losers, & taking the truth full throttle

“Go farther. Go hard or go home” is the tone told to those tarrying & still idle.

The laze lays dazed, days for the brave braze braise food for thought through the

Membrane of the sane brain of any brane to change the world in which they came,

Brand new drive means a whole new lane, taking acclaim, exclaiming that

“If  no one gets the picture, then I guess you can’t be framed”. Taming a flame made for tainting the names who crave to craze the waves of the airways & what they relay.

So I think to myself "get into it to correct the current, have folks decide to ride the tide & want to repeat it's occurance."

Now I'm on the brink of a new movie & a tape in waiting so that my words & vision can flourish.

Meditative Exploration, with me making navigation, tasting greatness, stating "I want more & can hardly wait", it's that

Awesome in my aura. It's liberating & freeing.

Confidence makes me, & everyone a flawless being.

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